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Plan your trip during the low season. The difference between an airfare from the east coast to Hawaii in July and in January is 00 or so. It’s crazy! Take the kids out of school if you have to. They’ll learn far more in Hawaii than they will in any classroom anyway. Low and shoulder season is easy to figure out – any time kids are in school less people are coming to Hawaii. However, don’t try to travel within 3 or 4 days of Thanksgiving, New Years, Christmas, or Spring break.

Probably, a good coach would listen to Phil from the beginning and then provided a feedback which was helpful to Phil vs. direct evaluation without understanding all the facts. Would this approach have made the report on-time? No, but it would have saved a good worker, saved the organization money in the long run, and, as a result of showing empathy to Phil, he would have gotten a better report one day later.